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Welcome to the school that you always wanted to attend. We are building Board Game Academy as a place to learn all about board games. Our staff is working hard at getting the curriculum built. We have all kinds of information that we are going to share; including what types of games are out there, how to play games, game reviews and all kinds of event information. Take your time and peruse the offerings.

When you start navigating around the academy, you will find that the information is organized to help you learn, give you insight into upcoming events, and help you find games that you may like. Look up to the right and you will find menu sections broken up as follows:

  • Courses – Each course level will help you learn about gaming
    • Level 100 – Game Types – Get to know the types of games that are available. If you want to learn about the different game types, here is the place to start.
    • Level 200 – Game Mechanics – Once players start playing different games, specific mechanics start appealing to them. This is where you want to start learning about the mechanics that power the games that we play.
    • Level 300 – Learning Games – Want to step beyond the printed rule sheets to learn how to play a game. Our staff will break down the games into easier to understand nuggets of knowledge.
    • Level 400 – Teaching Games – Ready to start teaching your friends how to play games? Or maybe you want to join a demo team. We’ll give you some insight on some of the best ways to translate rules to other players.
  • Events – Your one stop shop for events throughout the year. We try to bring you all the events we can find; from the small game demo at your local store to the massive conventions. If you are going to be out-of-town, this is a great place to see if there is anything going on no matter where you are going.
    • Field Trips – This is where you will find all the conventions and game days going on around you.
    • Clubs – Looking for a meetup or public get-together? Find it here.
    • Labs – If you are looking for demonstrations of games, this is where you need to be. Everything from the local store game night demo to Envoy Splashes, you can find them here.
    • Exams – Ready to take part in a tournament? Look here to find out where the closest tournaments are.
    • Event Submission – Have an event you are planning? If it fits into one of our event categories, we want to let the world know about it. Submit your event and we’ll make it public.
  • Extracurricular – This is where you will find reviews, play-thrus and opinions.
    • Newspaper – If you are looking for written content, you have found it. Our contributors will let you know what they think of games, the game industry and the future of gaming. They will also cover industry news, letting you know what is happening.
    • AV-Club – The best of the board game industry presented through video content.

It is our intent to stay advertisement-free. We want this site to be driven by the visitors, not by corporate influence. If you like what we are trying to do, please click on the Patreon widget in the upper right. For a small donation, you will be entered into a drawing for a game each month. We love our supporters!

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